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  • Brand: Gienne Tsui
  • Product Code: Gienne Tsui
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Tighten and firm your delicate eye area
Minimize wrinkles & fine lines
Antioxidant protection
Reduce puffiness & dark circles
Prevent fat granule
“CAVIAR EYE BOOSTER DUO SET is a revolutionary eye care routine” that maximizes the effect of two special antioxidant formulas. Infused with Western and Chinese ingredients, the Duo Set improves blood circulation and promotes cell metabolism, significantly reduces eye bags, wrinkles, edema, dark circles and other problems.
CAVIAR EYE BOOSTER I – Effectively firm and tighten your delicate eye area. Eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. Reduce puffiness and dark circles.
CAVIAR EYE BOOSTER II – Enhanced formula. Provide non-stop protection to your eyes area.
Apply day and night.
Take one drop on your fingertips and dab it onto the eye area. Massage gently until fully absorbed.
*Start with CAVIAR EYE BOOSTER I, after finishing the bottle, then start using CAVIAR EYE BOOSTER II.
CAVIAR EYE BOOSTER I - Caviar Essence, Ganoderma Lucidum, Neroli Essential Oil.
CAVIAR EYE BOOSTER II - Caviar Essence, Ganoderma Lucidum, Frankincense Essential Oil.

5ml * 2 bottles
Store in cool and dry places. Please use within 9 months after purchasing.
All ingredients from Australia
Gienne Tsui’s Formula

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